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Storiez by inspifyStoriez by inspify
Storiez by inspifyStoriez by inspify
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For Sales
Storiez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspify
Storiez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspifyStoriez by inspify
STORIEZ makes it easy to design high-quality sales content with simple content creation tools for the whole team.
Build responsive sales content that works on desktop and perfectly in mobile portrait mode.
Manage digital assets in the cloud and make them available in all stages of the sales content creation process.
Work on a new version of the sales content without worrying that you impact the live one.
Collaborate as a team and created stunning sales content that is approved and can be used as soon as released.
All sales slides are available in one place. You can search and reuse slides directly from the library.
Publish presentations with one click and share with leads via a simple web link.
Build multidimensional presentations and always have the right slide on hand
When you modify your presentation, switch to the latest version when ready, and all connected sales materials are changed automatically.
Get live insights into who has viewed what and how long leads spent time on each page.
Branded video conferencing that creates a sales experience when meeting leads virtually.
Content presentation in responsive design and Full HD, making virtual sales presentations on mobile readable.
Videos are streamed in up to 30FPS and 4k quality.
All your sales content is integrated and can be easily accessed and presented without leaving the conference.
Meet your leads in an immersive virtual world to increase personal touch.
SceneTM Designer
Develop your creative content and sales material with an easy-to-use graphic design tool.
Storiez by inspify
Work simultaneously on different versions
And activate only the most relevant one for usage.
Storiez by inspify
Work as a team
And share view and edit access to designs with selected people within your team.
Storiez by inspify
Secure Cloud
All your creative content are stored and safe, and they are easily accessible via a full-text search.
StorybookTM Builder
Build your StorybookTM with reusable ScenesTM from other Storybooks or upload your content on the fly.
Storiez by inspify
All StorybooksTM have a repository and every version can be activated instantly.
Storiez by inspify
No size limit
For your creative content and videos.
Storiez by inspify
Best quality presentation
Combine StorybooksTM in the MeetTM video conference platform and shows your presentation to your guests in the best quality.
Storiez by inspify
Automatic update
When the ScenesTM are modified, the linked StorybooksTM are automatically updated.
Meet To Impress
A video conferencing platform that was made by business developers for business developers.
Storiez by inspify
Branded video conferencing
Delivers a unique experience from entering the space to following up with the participants.
Storiez by inspify
Focus on your participants
And not on where to find the content you want to present.
Storiez by inspify
Crystal clear content presentation
Instant availability, and no lagging or blurry videos.
Storiez by inspify
Everything in one place
No need to switch apps or search for what you want to present.
Content Sharing
Publish and make available your StorybookTM through a simple click.
Replace the sharing of PDFs
With interactive microsites of your sales content.
Share everywhere
Works for everyone in the world, also on dedicated networks of China.
Content viewer creates a luxury brand experience.
Keep control
Of your content and define who can see it.
Protect your content
With PIN codes.
Works on all devices
And only requires a web browser.
Stream Videos
Video contents are streamed up to 4K like Netflix.
Data Analytics
All interactions are tracked and available in the analytics dashboard.
Storiez by inspify



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